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How to Create a Landing Page that Converts

Jul 20, 2015 7:30:00 AM | Landing Pages, Lead Conversion

Landing pages are an integral part of the inbound formula: you attract visitors to your site with spectacular content like blog posts, social media updates, and infographics, then you bring them to a laser-targeted landing page where they commit to handing over contact information to turn themselves into leads.

If only it were that simple. As we all know, it takes a lot for someone to commit.  In fact, creating a landing page that actually converts can be a real challenge.  People do not want to be inconvenienced by filling out unnecessary or invaluable forms.  Every landing page must carry its own weight in the sales process.  Here’s how:landing-page-graphic

Design Appropriately

The average visitor to your landing page will not have the patience to weave through multiple text boxes and images hunting down what you want them to do.

When you’re designing and creating content for your landing page, keep it seriously simple: one eye-catching image or brief video, one small box of text, a few bullets, and a clear-as-a-bell smart form where they can take action.

Get Personal

Visitors come to your site for different reasons. With HubSpot Professional or Enterprise, you can use "Smart Content" to automatically cater your landing page content to visitors’ specific interests, lifecycle stage, or industry.  Adaptive landing pages allow you to customize content, and forms based on location, source, device and buying stage without ever asking the same question twice.

Offer Value

If you want visitors to hand over their email address to access whatever’s behind door number one, it had better be something good. 

If your offer doesn’t immediately grab your visitor’s attention and make them think, “wow, that sounds impressive,” then it’s not doing its job.  And if your landing page makes the gated content sound incredible, but it’s really not, any conversions you get are not likely to turn into customers down the road.

Don’t try to entice people with obviously rehashed blog content they could get somewhere else on your site.  Don’t offer up an “in-depth white paper” that clocks in at 450 words.  In other words, don’t be a cheapskate.

Instead, create an offer that’s so great it pages people question why you’re giving away such awesome stuff for free.  Make them ask whether it’s too good to be true, then prove that it isn’t!

Continually Test

If you’re a Hubspot Enterprise customer, you have access to A/B testing right within Hubspot.  Even if you’re using Basic or Professional, you can set up manual split testing.  It takes a bit more organization, but it’s fairly simple to do:

  • Create two identical versions of a landing page.
  • Make a slight adjustment to one of them (change the headline, switch images).
  • Drive traffic to them equally by sharing links and connecting them to CTAs.
  • Then, see which performs the best and use that page going forward or make adjustments to the lesser performing page to bring it up to speed.

Conversion rates will increase if you make an effort to continually test your landing pages and tweak as you go.  And the results aren’t always what you’d expect

Whether you’re looking to generate leads, sell products, or collect data, landing pages are where the visitor conversion occurs. They are the landing pads for your visitors and an essential piece of an effective inbound marketing strategy.

Learn more about how to effectively use landing pages for your business.

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