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4 Additional Tools You Can Use to Help You Improve Your Landing Pages

Jul 21, 2015 9:30:00 AM | Landing Pages, Lead Conversion


When it comes to landing pages, the words “best practice” mean little to nothing in today’s digital world. In the formative years of inbound marketing, landing pages were simple and required very little creativity and design to convert visitors into leads. Why is that? I believe that it’s because internet users have become more familiar with the concept of a landing page and now require more customer-centric, engaging designs and content in order to successfully convert them.

If you believe like me that your site’s visitors are now more savvy and aware of our landing page tactics then you will know that your current landing pages are no longer going to cut it and drastic measures are in order to help improve your conversion rates moving forward. While there are many “best practices” that you can look toward and follow, I’ve turned instead to a few new ideas and tools that you might consider implementing to help better connect with your potential prospects and start converting like never before!

Below are 4 tools, integrations and overall ideas that I believe can help to better connect with and engage your site’s visitors. While implementing all 4 at once may be a bit overkill, cherry-picking one or two that best fit your website’s personas and goals may lead to some surprising results.

1. Include a trackable phone number clearly visible in either the header or footer

Landing pages ask for information and even some ask for website visitors to fulfill specific tasks. While some may be willing to do this and follow your instructions, others might need a more personal touch. While including a phone number in either the header or footer of your landing page may already be considered “best practice” and may already be implemented, have you ever been able to track or attribute those phone calls to your inbound marketing efforts?

Tools like Invoca call tracking can help you do just that so that you know when people who initially found your website and were driven to contact you by inbound efforts are properly tracked and attributed. What’s even better, they integrate with HubSpot so you can view all of your new contact information in one convenient place!

2. Give people the option to chat with you immediately

In the same light as my last point/tool, allowing people to reach out through instant messaging right from your website and landing pages gives you the opportunity to immediately start a conversation with interested and engaged prospects. It’s the age of the customer now and people want to be able to contact businesses in whatever way is easiest to them, so if you can give them a simple and easy option like chat functionalities, why wouldn’t you?

Tools like Snap Engage allow for simple set up and integration with HubSpot while giving you the opportunity to quickly connect with site visitors in a brand new medium.

3. Use custom images to drive home the benefits of your offer to your landing page visitors

The stock image as you know it is dead. No self-respecting marketer should be using stock images “as is” anymore, not without at least first reworking it one way or another. As internet users continue to become more aware of digital marketing elements, stock imagery continues to be easier and easier to spot for everyday users.

Whether you’re creating an ebook image, adding text over images or changing the size and lighting, there are plenty of tools out there to help you do just that and Canva is one of them.

4. Embed visible, engaging elements to better explain the benefits of your offer

Video and other non-text based mediums are quickly becoming the number one way to best connect with digital citizens and today’s landing pages have taken notice. With a number of statistics showing that people would rather consume information via visually engaging content, if you aren’t considering embedding media on your landing pages then you are making a big mistake.

Whether you want to share a SlideShare preview, include a YouTube or Vimeo video or attach an audio file via SoundCloud, there are nearly unlimited options for embedding media on your landing pages that can help you better connect with your website’s visitors in the medium that they want consume information through.

The ultimate tool

There are a number of great tools and integrations out there (with only more to come) that you can use to make your landing pages more appealing and effective but at the end of the day the most important tool is your personas. If you have a strong understanding of your personas and how they operate, you will know which tools and integrations will work best for you and your website.

Have other tools, integrations or strategies that you think should be on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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