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Can your campaign withstand the heat?

The next Denver HUG meeting will contain a 'Critique My Campaign' working session! Members can share their campaigns and get feedback, tips and advice from other HubSpot users and experts. 

Submit your campaign for scrutiny using the form over to the right. Maybe you have a recent campaign that isn't performing as expected, or maybe you want feedback before you press that launch button. It's all fair game. 

 Here's what we will need from you:

  • A basic campaign summary: Why was it launched? What are the goals? Is there an area that is underperforming based on expectations?
  • Relevant landing pages, emails, social messages (URLs are great if the campaign has already launched)
  • If you don't have URLs, please provide screenshots oh HubSpot setups and workflows/copy for the crucial aspects of the campaign

Once you've submitted, Jenay (our fearless Denver HUG leader) will be in touch to help get you incorporated into the session. See you at the next meeting!


Submit Your Campaign For Critique Below